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Build your agricultural knowledge with these comprehensive tutorials. Each training course offers various insights on how you can protect soybeans from weeds, insects, nematodes and diseases. Upon completion, you will know how a combination of agronomic practices and the use of Syngenta products will help soybeans start strong, grow strong and yield strong each season, which will enable you to grow more soybeans.
Are you soybean savvy? Test your knowledge and find out!
Seed/Seed Treatment Online Training Course
The foundation of a successful soybean harvest is the seed, and this course will help you choose the best seed and seed treatment regimen to produce high yield and obtain the best possible return on your investment. This course will address several seed and seed treatment options within the Syngenta brand portfolio to determine which seed and seed treatment combination is the right fit for your field.
Enhance Your Knowledge of Corn Nematodes
With the growing threat of resistance, proactive weed management practices are essential to any successful operation. From protecting yield potential from early-season weed competition to dealing with weather delays, to resistance management, this course addresses the key weed challenges you may face. You will learn about several herbicides in the broad Syngenta portfolio to help fight resistance and maximize revenue and yield.
Small Seeded Vegetable Pest Management
This comprehensive tutorial addresses the most problematic diseases and offers useful information to help you understand prevalent diseases that arise every growing season. This course offers insights to creating a powerful, well-timed disease control program. You will learn about several fungicide brands in the Syngenta portfolio that will help you discover methods to maximize yield for your soybeans.
History of Seed Treatment Online Tutorial
Every year insects present major problems for soybean growers all over the country. This course will cover key insect pests, the damage they cause, scouting methods and product solutions for everything from aphids to stinkbugs. You will learn about several insecticide brands in the Syngenta portfolio that will help you keep pesky insects at bay.
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