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It's peanut season every day of the year.
Always preparing for the next harvest. This online resource is dedicated to providing you with the latest innovations, information and products to make your next peanut crop the best yet.
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Latest USDA Reports
The National Agricultural Statistics Service provides timely, accurate and useful statistics in service to peanut growers.

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Get the most out of your fungicide dollar
Peanut Rx
Use the Peanut Rx™ tool to quickly and easily determine your disease risk and to obtain a prescription spray schedule for your farm.

Peanut Rx™ provides Southeastern growers with the best information available to make smart disease management decisions. The program is based on years of studying the effects of reduced-fungicide spray programs on disease control and pod yields, wherein research has indicated that growers could apply fewer fungicide sprays to some fields without sacrificing disease control or yields.

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Proven tactics and information for greater yield.
Seed Treatment Online Tutorial
Seed Treatment Online TutorialThis tutorial provides an overview of how seed treatments have advanced throughout the years to become one of growers' most trusted crop protection tools. Users can learn about the advantages of modern seed treatments and the evolution of this rapidly growing market segment.
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Our vast portfolio of peanut products helps growers control the weeds, insects and diseases that threaten yield.

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