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FarmAssist - Syngenta Bug Squad
Bug Squad
The Syngenta Bug Squad is an elite team of corn insect control experts that was created to offer invaluable insight, recommendations and solutions on the topic of corn insect control. This talented group of individuals comes from diverse backgrounds in education, training and professional experience, and offers a wealth of knowledge in insect control technologies (traits, seed treatments and insecticides), resistance management, entomology and agronomy. Working together with the Syngenta portfolio of insect control technologies to help farmers grow more corn, this group exemplifies why Syngenta is the U.S. leader in corn insect control.

Meet the Bug Squad

Craig Abell Bio

>>  Craig Abell
Water Business Development Manager

Miloud Araba Bio

>>  Miloud Araba
Product Lead, Technical Seed Traits

Bruce Battles Bio

>>  Bruce Battles
Solutions Development Manager

Dirk Benson Bio

>>  Dirk Benson
Head, Trait Projects

Tony Burd Bio

>>  Tony Burd
Product Biology Technical Manager

Dale Ireland Bio

>>  Dale Ireland
Technical Product Lead, Seed Care Technology

Isaac Oyediran Bio

>>  Isaac Oyediran
Insect Traits Resistance Management Lead

Palle Pedersen Bio

>>  Palle Pedersen
Seedcare Technology Manager

Caydee Savinelli Bio

>>  Caydee Savinelli
Pollinator and IPM Stewardship Lead


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