What you can't see CAN hurt corn yield.

Avicta Complete Corn with Vibrance
You might not be able to see them, but nematodes can drastically hurt corn yields. Plant-parasitic nematodes are probably the least understood of all the pests that attack corn. Unlike insects and weeds that are easily identified, these invisible below-ground pests often go undetected. What’s more, when symptoms of nematode populations begin to appear, they're sometimes improperly diagnosed and often attributed to other problems.

Nematodes feed directly on the corn root, increase the probability of seedling diseases and can cause major losses in yield. Understanding how to manage this pest is critical to the success of the crop.

Read on to learn more about corn nematodes, and how Avicta® Complete Corn with Vibrance® seed treatment from Syngenta can help control these damaging pests and increase yield potential.
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