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Phytophthora Root and Stem Rot Photo Identification

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  • Pest Type: Disease
  • Crops Affected: Soybeans
  • Scientific Name: Phytophthora megasperma var sojae
This fungal disease includes seed rot and preemergence damping-off, as well as root and stem rot of older seedlings. In more mature plants, leaves show chlorosis and wilting, and lower parts of stems show dark brown discoloration progressing upward from the soil line. Root rot of older plants may also occur. Affected plants are clustered in the field.

Disease Cycle
This fungus can survive for long periods of time in the soil or infected crop residue, and is dispersed as soilborne spores. Heavy soils and soil saturation for more than 24 hours promote this disease. In addition, phytophthora rot is more severe in reduced-tillage systems, and the highest risk is in no-till systems.

Control Measures
Resistant varieties, improved soil drainage, and fungicide seed treatments or in-furrow fungicide. is your source for ag news and information on crop pest identification, commodity and market prices, agricultural news & issues, and access to crop production management tools such as crop yield & planting calculators and herbicide, fungicide, and weed control information.