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Syngenta is Your Potato Partner
Enhancing the yield and quality of your potatoes.

A Leader in the Potato Industry
At Syngenta, we focus on helping growers optimize the quality and yield of their potatoes by investing in technology that improves productivity. Our robust portfolio of products and agronomic support enables your crop to start strong, grow strong and yield strong throughout the season. This provides peace of mind.

Investing in the Future of Potatoes
As consumers’ needs evolve, we will continue to invest in farm management solutions to meet the ever-changing needs of the value chain. Take for example our AgriEdge Excelsior® program. This farm management program combines the Syngenta portfolio with in-field services, state of the art software and risk management. Syngenta also offers in-field support such as staff training on agronomics, product handling, application recommendations, and health and safety best practices.
Through research and development, our scientists work to address the everyday challenges of growing potatoes. We keep abreast of emerging threats to yield and to quality, and we champion the industry through collaborations with EPA, USDA, boards, councils and the value chain. Your challenges inspire our solutions because we are dedicated to ensuring growers have the tools, resources and products to maximize yield and quality. Syngenta: we are your potato partner.

View Our Potato Portfolio
Our vast portfolio of potato products helps growers control the weeds, insects and diseases that threaten yield.

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