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The Idaho State Department of Agriculture has decided to exempt potato processors from a commercial animal feed rule after J.R. Simplot Company and others asked for the change. The Idaho Business Review reports that state officials recently announced that all waste byproducts that do not require further processing are exempt from the rule. The rule involved a registration process and a label with nutritional information for the feed, plus a $40 fee. Potato processors sell leftovers such as peels to intermediaries who then sell it as cheap feed for cattle. Lloyd Knight of the Agriculture Department said the agency would then spot-check feed in the marketplace to make sure companies "are living up to the guarantees that they make on the package." is your source for ag news and information on crop pest identification, commodity and market prices, agricultural news & issues, and access to crop production management tools such as crop yield & planting calculators and herbicide, fungicide, and weed control information.